Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Frame This Photography Workshop Weekend

 Two weekends ago I was again at a photography workshop with some of the most amazing photographers!  These ladies have just as amazing personalities as they do photography skills.  They were all so willing to help anyone who was having difficulties or answer any questions you might have.  Lisa, my mentor, was the host and instructor for this workshop.  If you remember, or just go to the last post, I attended a workshop that Lisa held last April also.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy these workshops.  Lisa does not leave out any details, nor does she leave you with a minute to wonder what you are going to do next.  The weekend was packed with classroom learning and location shoots at some of the most amazing sites.  To top it off she had arranged meals at some of the best restaurants I have been to.  The friendships formed were priceless.  We laughed, we shared, we cried together.  I love you all.
Here are some photos from my weekend~
Ava watermarked
Grace standing at wall watermark

Brenda sitting watermark

Ashton watermark

Rochelle B&W watermark
Anthony and Rochelle on bench watermark

Alexa watermark fb

Isa holding apple watermark

Marissa biting apple watermark
Triplets at teepee with flare watermark
Ava and Grace watermark

Triplets in front of truck watermark

Triplets running on road watermark

Can’t wait until the next workshop weekend and hopefully some of the same sweet ladies will once again be there!
Hopefully my blogging will pick up but there is so much going on and little time to write it down.  Samie is now 15 and Sydney is 8 and they are changing so quickly.  Samie is on the Homecoming Court and that is this Friday so I know I will have some great photos to share. 
Have a great week!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Photography Weekend 2013

This past weekend I was blessed to be in the company of some fabulous photographers and an awesome instructor!  Lisa of The Long Road to China is an amazing photographer and instructor.  I first learned of Lisa through her blog while she was in China bringing her beautiful Reagan home.  I was captivated by the images she captured and posted on her blog.  I soon learned that Lisa was not only a woman with a heart for adoption but she was sharing her amazing photography talent with others through on-line classes.  What was even better was that a portion of the class fees went to an organization that helps orphans in China, Half the Sky.
Lisa took me from fully automatic on my DSLR to manual mode.  A very scary thing for me!  I am even shooting in RAW now!  There still seemed to be something missing for me…..I am a hands on learner.  This past weekend I was in the company of 9 other ladies who have all been taking classes with Lisa.  These ladies are all awesome photographers and I don’t mind saying I was a little intimidated!  No worries!  Besides the fun times, the amazing photo sessions Lisa had set up with some awesome models, the bonding with some incredible women…..Lisa just made something “click” in me. 
I now have a renewed enthusiasm for photography.  I hope that I can continue to keep that spark alive and to further grow in my photo taking and editing.  This fall I WILL be meeting these ladies again in the fall at another workshop with Lisa!  Come h*&& or high water I will be there!
Thank you for a weekend I will not soon forget and some wonderful new friendships Shasta, Diane, Teri, Hannah, Amy, Lauren, Laura, Emily, Kelly and of course Lisa!
Here are a few photos that I have edited so far-

IMG_7926 edited with sunflare blog
IMG_8227 high res blog

IMG_8313 high res blog

First Communion high res blog

First Communion Rosary high res blog

I have many more photos to edit and will post them later.
You can go to Lisa’s blog and see some of the photos from the other ladies.