Monday, September 3, 2012

Under Construction

Thank you to everyone who has followed us to our new blog home.  I am going to try to keep this blog up to date.  Try, no promises!!  I have had such a hard time putting into words the last few years of our lives.  I am working on a post to do this but it is still very hard to find the words.
I am still  pulling this blog together.  I need to make a new header (title area) and also stamp for my pictures. 
In the mean time please enjoy some of these pics from the past few months..
Samie and two of her friends had a photo shoot 
Samie, Megan and Josie sitting on steps serious fb
Tim went to Alaska to see Timothy and fish
Alaska Tim n Timothy
Sydney at the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge
Disney-syd at AK pool standing
Samie and her BFF Lexi
Disney-sam n lexi
Syd found Mema’s mink
syd in mink

Sweet Bailee
Grandson JR turned 1 year old
JR 1st birthday eating cake 2

Love this face
JR 1st birthday nose
Enjoyed the pool
Syd on Sam's shoulders blog
First day of school
Syd n Sam first day of school 2012

Have a great day!